Wavestar is a thin but well-built grey she-cat with marbled stripes, black tail, dark markings, and glossy blue/silver eyes. She is the current leader of SplashClan, and took leadership after Tidestar died in occurance of the Wave. Wavestar was the deputy of that time, but didn't expect to be made leader in such turmoil. Although she grieves for Tidestar, Wavestar is determined to guide SplashClan in the right path.

Current SplashClan
Past None
Names Kit:Wavekit
Mother Petalwish
Father Sharpear
Siblings None
Mate(s) CS
Kit(s) CS
Mentor(s) Parrotwhisker
Apprentice(s) Crowscreech
Roleplay Ripple



Wavestar appears grey, but in the sunlight her pelt is tinted with blue fur. Her eyes are a mixture of light blues, seeming as if her eyes are nothing but a sharp silver grey. She has a long scar running down her shoulder through her nape, and has a long black thin tail that lashes often. Wavestar's pelt has marbled stripes seeming as if a wave is sweeping through her fur, thus the name Wavestar.


Wavestar is quiet, thoughtful, meaningful, and sometimes easilly stressed out in an occuring conflict. She has deticated her life to SplashClan, after vowing to Tidestar when she was made deputy. Despite her harsh mother, Wavestar is an opposite when she is compared to her past kin.


Wavestar is a natural swimmer just like many cats in SplashClan. When she was a kit, Parrotwhisker taught her many tactics in swimming through the currents of the Sea located near their camp. Her thin slick body allows her to sprint swiftly, along with her tail, she can regain balance quickly during a battle with a much larger, stealthier cat.



Wavestar was born to Petalwish, a rude and nosy she-cat, regarding her delicate name. Her father was Sharpear, but he passed away later due to drowning. She had no littermates, but made good friends with other kits such as Featherpelt. Wavestar also made good friends with the apprentice Parrotwhisker, and longed to be the leader of SplashClan. Petalwish, her mother was drowned in grief, who barely tended to Wavestar. She later disappeared when Wavestar was made apprentice.


Wavestar is first located staring wistfully into a pool of water, when Tawnystep, the Medicine Cat reports his findings on Burnet and Yarrow. Wavestar is pleasured to hear that herbs are returning after the Wave.




Petalwish was the mother of Wavestar, she was rude and sharp-tongued. After Sharpear passed away, the she-cat was drowned in depression, no longer caring for her kit. The pretty she-cat later disappeared and was never seen again. Others say she was stolen by twolegs. 


Sharpear was her sensitive father, and would always bring Wavekit a fish or two. After dying by drowning, his family grieved badly for him.


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