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SplashClan members roleplay here: SplashClan/Roleplay.

Welcome to the SplashClan page! This page contains SplashClan members & information. If you would like to join, remember  to fill out the Joining Form! If you would like to add your character here, remember to contact the leader before posting a description.  

SplashClan Camp:Edit

The SplashClan Camp resides on the shore of a cliff. In this lush area, there is a circular field surrounded by trees (mostly palm trees). On the horizon, there is a cliff that jutts out of the eath, with plants growing all over it. There are many coves in the camp, and the shore is just a small part of it. SplashClan cats usually hunt unique prey like topical parrots, seagulls,  fish, crabs, voles, clams and shrews. 

To learn more about the SplashClan camp, visit SplashClan Camp

SplashClan Members:Edit

These are the existing members of SplashClan


  • Wavestar - Blue-grey she-cat with soft blue eyes, marbled dark stripes, and black tail.


  • Clearwater - Sleek grey she-cat with mottled stripes and silver eyes.

Medicine Cat:

  • Tawnystep - Brown tom with green eyes, and hefty thick fur with speckled spots

MC Apprentice:

  • Silentpaw - White tom with gray paws and flecked tail, pale blue eyes.


  • Parrotwhisker - Red-furred tom with white head and chest and green-mixed amber eyes.
  • Crowscreech - Black she-cat with dark amber eyes and white mark on chest.
  • Featherpelt - Light grey she-cat tinted with brown, amber pale eyes. 


  • Streampaw - Blue-gray with sky-blue eyes and a nicked ear.



  • Skykit - Ginger she-cat with blue gentle eyes.


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