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Project Charart is a page where you can use and add lineart blanks! There are 6 blanks where you can choose from which include: Leader, Deputy, Apprentice, Elder, and Kit.

In order to create your character's reference picture, select the photo you would like to color or create. Then, when you click on it, click "save as" to insert the photo into your documents. Finally, find the photo in your documents and open up a coloring or drawing app/program to insert pelt colors and designs into your charart! 

Helpful Tips When Coloring:

        • Be sure the color the charart fully and draw over all white spots.

        • Shade the cat in different hues to improve 3D focus.

        • Add fur and pelt texture to make your cat as realistic as possible!

These blanks are distributed by, and are not allowed to be used on another wiki without permission! These blanks are also MS Paint friendly! Also, if you want to create your own charart, please comment down below and wait for approval or a response!

Female leader (2)

Female Leader

Male leader

Male Leader

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Male Deputy

Oie transparent (19)

Female Deputy

Male warrior

Male Warrior

Female warrior

Female Warrior

Oie transparent (22)

Male Apprentice

Oie transparent (21)

Female Apprentice

Oie transparent (23)

Male Elder

Oie transparent (24)

Female Elder

Oie transparent (25)

Male Kit

Oie transparent (26)

Female Kit

Male and Female Leader blanks by

Male and Female Deputy blanks by

Male and Female Warrior blanks by

Male and Female Apprentice blanks by

Male and Female Elder blanks by

Male and Female Kit blanks by

                                                                Medicine Cat & Apprentice in Progress!

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