Parrotwhisker is a brown and black cat with light green eyes. He is the mentor of the leader of SplashClan, Wavestar. He was born a rogue in his past, but continued as a Clan cat. Parrotwhisker concludes that cats from his Clan treat him differently, since he has rogue blood in his veins. He is mates with Featherpelt, and loves her with all his heart.

Current SplashClan
Past Rogues & Loners
Names Kit:Thorn
Mother Monti
Father Unknown
Siblings Casper
Mate(s) CS
Kit(s) CS
Mentor(s) N/A
Apprentice(s) Wavestar
Roleplay Ripple



Parrotwhisker is a lean and broad cat with brown fur that fades to black. His eyes are a bright green, that seems as if they are glowing. His tail is thick, and has loose fur hanging from it. Parrotwhisker's whiskers are very long, and bend over from his face. 


Parrotwhisker is a kind, nice, ambitious cat, who adores his mate, Featherpelt. The tom will defend his kin and mate when needed, and will always take the advantage to fight anyone to prove his loyalty.


Wavestar is a natural swimmer just like many cats in SplashClan. When she was a kit, Parrotwhisker taught her many tactics in swimming through the currents of the Sea located near their camp. Her thin slick body allows her to sprint swiftly, along with her tail, she can regain balance quickly during a battle with a much larger, stealthier cat.



Parrotwhisker was born to Monti, and an unknown tom. Monti couldn't tend to her kit, so she padded off deep into the the heart of SplashClan, hoping that some other cat would find him and be his foster parent. Later on, after the Wave, prey returned and Monti was able to have another kit, Casper. Later on, a SplashClan cat found him and took him into the Camp.


Parrotwhisker is first seen sharing prey with Featherpelt as she talks to him about the returning prey while Crowscreech stares into the sky with wonder.




Monti was the mother of Parrotwhisker, and regretted leaving her kit alone in the woods. Although she has Casper, her other kit, she still thinks longingly of Parrotwhisker. Parrotwhisker believes that his rogue mother is dead.


Casper is Parrotwhisker's half brother, because they share the same mother, but different fathers. Much is not known about his brother, because Parrotwhisker doesn't know he has rogue kin.


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