Kittypets & Strays Roleplay here: Kittypets & Strays/Roleplay. The members of Kittypets & Strays are listed down below.


Kittypets and Strays are cats that have been previously owned or are owned by Twolegs, in other words, they are cats that have past experiences with Twolegs. Kittypets often have collars and are due in their Twoleg's den whenever called or on a daily basis. Strays are cats that have ran away from their twolegs, escaped, or were abandoned. In other words, these are cats that are or have been owned by Twolegs (humans).


  • Monti - White she-cat with light brown striped legs and tail, with silver-blue eyes.
  • Silver - Sleek, sassy silver she-cat with blue eyes.


  • Casper - Quick-tongued ginger tom with grey-green eyes.

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