Clearwater is a sleek grey she-cat with mottled stripes, white markings, and hazel eyes.

Current SplashClan
Past None
Names Kit:Clearwater
Mother Springcloud
Father Smokeclaw
Siblings Duskfang, Breezeleaf
Mate(s) None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) None
Roleplay Flame



Clearwater's fur is silky, broad, shiny, and sleek. Her eyes are a slight silver and has tints of hazel. She has a small "v" shaped nick in her right ear, fox like ears, shiny, soft grey fur on the inside of her ears, and broad shoulders.


Clearwater is kind, caring and will do anything for her Clan. When it comes to family, she'll do everything in her power to protect them. She is sometimes stubborn, and often tries to avoid conversations with other cats. Concluding of her past, Clearwater is good for what she has all been through. 


Clearwater is an amazing hunter, but doesn't like to battle unless she has to. She will often use different tatics in battle, and try to avoid killing any cats.



Clearwater was born to Springcloud and Smokeclaw, his siblings being Duskfang and Breezeleaf. As she grew up, her father followed footsteps into the Dark Forest, one day plotting to rule SplashClan and make the Clan powerful. Clearwater's brother, Duskfang, decided to follow in his footsteps. She was confused, and was only comforted by her older sister, Breezeleaf. When her mother died of illness, Clearwater needed her siblings protection and love even more. Being busy with Smokeclaw, she had less attention from her father and always was shy, resulting in her spending all of her time with Breezeleaf. 

As she grew older, her father became stronger, but Duskfang soon realized what he was doing was wrong, and turned from his fathers evil action. Smokeclaw soon died in a battle with SplashClan after driving him out, and Clearwater grew older. As days and moons passed, Breezeleaf bore kits, and gained a mate, but her kits died when they were born.


Clearwater is first seen padding around camp, and enjoying the misty shore. Her leader, Wavestar asks her to go on patrol, concluding that prey is scarce. She agrees, and asks how many cats and who she should bring.




Duskfang is Clearwater's brother, and an overprotective one at that. Judging by his past, he is not liked by his two siblings much, but still holds onto them.


Smokeclaw never had a true chance to be the father Clearwater wanted. When he attacked her family, almost killing them under orders of the Dark Forest, he was severly wounded by Breezeleaf and Clearwater.


Clearwater loved her mother ever since she was born. She would always care for Clearwater and give her whatever she needed.


Breezeleaf was a good sister to Clearwater, especially when she fought alongside her in the battle with her father.


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